Parimatch Tech now. Bookmaker completes rebranding

From Betting Shop to International Product Company: the Transformation of Parimatch Into Parimatch Tech | Business Wire
The rebranding underscores the evolution from a betting shop to a digital company focused on the technology business, and speaks to the further globalisation of the operator. The rebranding was the latest step in the operator’s technological transformation.

Parimatch Tech believes that the rebranding will increase brand awareness among users around the world, as well as allow it to enter new markets in Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Parimatch Tech Official Website

The official website of Parimatch betting company started many years ago. During that time, it has been updated several times.

The interface is simple and straightforward, so first-time users can easily understand the navigation.
The first brand website was created in 2000. Subsequently, 6 more sites for different countries were launched. Separate websites were created in Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Cyprus. In Russia and Tanzania, the brand operates as a franchise.

Bettors were pleased with the appearance of a full-featured statistics section with high quality data.

In addition, Parimatch customers can enjoy online video streaming of matches, a feature which is only available when the account balance is positive.

Technical solutions of the company Parimach

Parimatch’s powerful engine and main asset is an ambitious team of professionals, passionate about their work and thinking in the same direction. They are different, but each of them is a virtuoso of their craft and a unique individual. Training and internship programmes, an extensive motivation system and non-monetary bonuses are what they pride themselves on.

An important area for the company is working with young and bright talent. Parimatch actively participates in student conferences, organises excursions for students and invites the best to internships. Representatives organise and promote educational projects in which company leaders share

  • practical experience;
  • showcase good cases
  • conduct master classes.

As they develop professionally, they do not remain indifferent to social problems. The team helps those in need: people with health problems or in difficult life situations, orphanages, families with many children, animal shelters. is the second team to qualify for the ONE Esports Singapore Major | ONE Esports

Parimatch Tech company

Stability, reliability, innovative technology, quality service and more than 25 years of experience make Parimatch an expert in our business. Every year Parimatch participates in local and international awards for sports and sponsorship projects.

Today Parimatch is a sports sponsor and the official betting partner of the CyberSport Federation, the Football and Handball Federation and the general partner of the MMA Academy. Using the potential of global partnerships, the company engages in social sports projects, sports and cybersport development, and promotes the careers of talented athletes. It supports children’s and youth sports schools and physical education and sports institutions.

Parimatch Tech will continue to invest in both established and emerging markets, partnering with local businesses and entrepreneurs to create new jobs as well as strengthen and expand existing offerings. Every market is unique, so our teams adapt the platforms to local user preferences, economic conditions and gambling market rules and regulations,” added Roman Sirotyan, co-CEO of Parimatch Tech.